About Us


About Us

Kings and Cards is a social club where members can play live poker legally at a safe and convenient location. We provide quality dealers, tables, and chips; creating an exciting casino like atmosphere. By providing our members with a local alternative, we will save you from a lengthy trip to and from an out-of-state casino. You will also avoid the dangers of illegal and costly underground games in the Houston area. We engage local poker players to join us in a public forum. We plan weekly tournaments and have daily cash games.  Kings & Cards is the first of its kind in the city of Houston. 

How is it Legal?

We abide by all statutes of the Texas Penal Code.  This means we are rake FREE. Our social club is exclusively for members, where only the players may benefit economically from the poker play.

Our Advantages

Kings & Cards is an inexpensive option because there isn't a rake from the poker game and we don't allow tipping using in play chips. Not only are we conveniently located, but underground and Casino poker games typically have a 10% rake. If you are winning a couple hands an hour and you factor in tipping it can cost you $35.00+ an hour to play. With our inexpensive hourly seat rental at $10.00, we are clearly the more economical choice. On site security, high speed Wi-fi, and your favorite game on a big screen, will make for an unbeatable experience. 


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