HPT 7-Day Caribbean Cruise NLHE League

Win Your way to A Heartland Poker Caribbean Cruise and $1100 Main event Buy-In that leaves the dock in Miami January 26th.

Come play in in our weekly Hold 'em Tournament ($60+$20) Friday's at 7pm from August 24th -November 9th and build points to win this HPT Caribbean Poker Cruise in Miami.

12 Week League - Weeks 10-11 (October  26th,Nov 2nd) have Double Points, Week 12 (November 9th) Triple Points

The leader after week 12 will receive the FIRST TRIP on the HPT Caribbean Cruise in Miami Including: Roundtrip Air Fare, 7 day Cruise Accommodations. Also, a Paid Entry into the Main Event on the Cruise Circuit Event ($1100)!

Don't worry if you are not the TOP POINTS earner. FINISH #2-#11 in points OR WIN ONE Tournament and qualify for a limited entry tournament($60+20) November 14th at 7:00p. The winner of this tournament will win the SECOND TRIP to join the HPT Cruise and $400 to play in the secondary events. Must show up in the first level and reserve/pay in advance. If #11 in points can't make it #12 will have option to fill spot etc. Limit 1 Rebuy or Add on. Final Tournament (November 14th) will receive weighted starting chips. Win a Tournament 20k, Top Points 30k, Both 40k.

Player will be responsible for Passport needed to get off at ports. 

Points System

1 Point for Number of players and Relative Finish 22 Entries 1st-22 Points, 2nd - 21 points, 3rd - 20 points, 4th-19 points, etc...…

10 Points for Final Table

20 Points for 1st

15 Points Second

10 Points 3rd

5 Points for RSVP

5 Points for On Time( ***SEATED BY START OF TOURNAMENT****)

Example. 22 total entries and you come in 4th place. You would get 19 points for the relative finish + 5 Points for Final Table = 24 Total. First Place would get 22 points for relative finish + 5 Final Table + 20 Winner = 47 Total.